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A proud smile was clearly written on Erry Sunarli’s face, when he was named one of the Top 10 Indonesia Future Business Leaders 2011 by SWA magazine. For the executive assistant to the chairman of the KMK Group – a multinational footwear manufacturing company producing global premium brands (Nike and Converse), this achievement was a matter of pride as well as recognition of his efforts thus far. However, Erry acknowledges that these achievements are shared by all KMK Group employees.

Erry asserts that his success cannot be separated from the company philosophy that always puts the interests of employees above all else. “KMK is committed to providing the best quality products and to being a great place to work with its Human Touch Management philosophy. In conducting business, we focus on people, diversity, the environment and local community,” he said.

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Erry Sunarli Quotes

"Jika Tuhan mengambil sesuatu dari tanganmu, jangan berpikir Dia sedang menghukummu. Dia hanya mengosongkan tanganmu supaya kamu menerima yang lebih baik."

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